Parent Teacher Association

There is a very active PTA in the college. The executive committee has taken upon themselves the responsibility of providing amenities to the students in the college and to assist the college administration for the proper functioning of the college. Every parent or guardian becomes a member of the association when their wards are admitted in the college. The office bearers are elected annually in the General Body meeting. 


P.T.A Committee

Principal - President
Sri. Siby Varghese - Vice President
Dr. C.C Bijumon - Secretary
Smt. V.T Annie
Sri. Payas Varghese
Dr. Tomy Mathew
Sri. P.C Ravisankar - Staff Secretary
Dr. Tomy Joseph - Physics
Dr. Gimson D Parambil
Dr. K.J Abraham
Lt.Roy Mathew
Smt. Saraswathi Dharmaraj
Smt.K.K Lalitha
Smt. Prasanna Vijayan
Smt. Sreedevi Sasidharan
Sri. Biju Cheruthykottathil
Sri.M.K Rajeev
Sri. K.K Prakasan