B.A Politics Programme(Vocational Model II)
Semester I
Core 1 - Methodology and perspectives of Social Science
Course I Voc - Introduction to Mass Communication.
Complementary I Voc - Foundation of Public Relations
Semester II
Core II - Introduction to Indian Political System
Course II (Voc) - History and Development of Journalism
Complementary II (Voc) - Advertising Theory and Practice
Semester III
Core III - Issues in Indian Political System
Core IV - Political Theory
Voc. Course III - News Reporting and Writing
Complementary III - Foundations of Travel and Tourism Management
Semester IV
Core V - Introduction to Comparative Politics
Core VI - Political Thought
Voc. Course IV - News Editing
Complementary IV - Emerging Trends in Travel and Tourism Management
Semester V
Core VII - Comparative Political Systems
Core VIII - Elements of International Politics
Voc. Course V - Media and Society
Voc.Course VI - Media and Polity
- Open Course
Semester VI
Core IX - Introduction to Public Administration
Core X - Theories and Principles of Public Administration
Core XI - Choice based course – Gandhian ideas and Applicable Techniques.
Voc. Course VII - Media Management
Voc. Course VIII - Introduction to information Technology on the job training project.
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