B.Sc Chemistry (Vocational)
Semester I
Core I - Methodology of Chemistry as a Discipline of Science.
Vocational I - Industrial Aspects of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry
Complementary I - Mathematics
Semester II
Core II - Theoretical and Inorganic Chemistry 
Vocational II - Industrial Aspects of Physical Chemistry
Complementary II - Mathematics
Semester III
Core III - Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry
Voc III - Unit operations in Chemical industry
Voc IV - Unit Process in Organic Chemistry
Complementary III - Mathematics
Semester IV
Core IV - Basic Organic Chemistry
Voc. V - Industrial Methods of Chemical Analysis 1
Voc VI - Industrial Methods of Chemical Analysis 2
Complementary IV - Mathematics
Semester V
Core V - Chemistry of d and f block elements
Core VI - Basic Organic Chemistry II
Core VII - States of Matter
Core VIII - Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy
- Open Course
Semester VI
Core IX - Applied Inorganic Chemistry
Core X - Chemistry of natural products and biomolecules
Core XI - Equilibrium and Kinetics
Core XII - Solution Chemistry
Core XIII - (Pharmaceutical Chemsitry)
Choice based course
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