B.Sc.Zoology (Vocational)

Semester I
1. Core Course I – General Methodology and Perspective in Science. 
2. Core Course I – Practical General Methodology and Instrumentation 
3. Vocational Course I – Principles and Methods in Aquaculture 
4. Vocational Course II – Hatchery and culture Techniques. 
5. Vocational Course Practical I – Principles & Methods in aquaculture, Hatchery and culture Techniques. 
6. Complementary Course I – Plant diversity & Plant Pathology 
7. Complementary Course Practical I plant diversity & Plant pathology. 
Semester II
1. Core II – Bio diversity and Modern Systematics.
2. Core II Practical Bio diversity and Modern Systematics
3. Vocational Course III – Capture Fishery
4. Vocational Course IV- Biology of Fishes
5. Vocational Course Practical II Biology of Fishes & Capture Fishery
6. Complementary Course II – Angiosperm Taxonomy and Economic Botany
7. Complementary Course II – Practical Angiosperm Taxonomy and Economic Botany.
Semester III
Core III - Animal Diversity Non Chordata
Core III Practical - Animal Diversity Non Chordata 
Voc. Course B - Fisheries Environment
Practical III - Fisheries Environment
Voc. Course VI - Fish Nutrition
Practical IV - Fish Nutrition 
Comp. Course III - Plant Physiology
Practical III - plant Physiology
Semester IV
Core IV - Animal Diversity Chordata
Practical - Animal Diversity Chordata
Voc. VII - Reproductive physiology and Endocrinology
Voc V - Reproductive physiology and Endocrinology
Voc VIII - Microbiology, Pathology and post Harvest Technology
Practical VI - Microbiology, Pathology and post Harvest Technology
Comp. Course IV - Angiosperm Anatomy and Applied Botany
Practical IV
Semester V
Core V - Cell Biology and Molecular Biology
Core VI - Environmental Biology, Toxicology and Disaster Management.
Core VII - Evolution, Zoogeography and Ethology
Core VIII - Biochemistry, Human Physiology and Endocrinology 
Core Course Practicals (Core V, VI, VII & VIII) 
Semester VI
Core Course IX - Reproductive & Developmental Biology
Core Course X - Genetics & Biotechnology
Core Course XI - Microbiology & Immunology
Core Corse XII - General Informatics, Bio Infomatics and Biostatistics.
Core Course Choice Based
Applied Entomology, Management of Ornamental Fish Breeding. Vermiculture and Beekeeping.
Core Course Practicals – Core IX, X, XI & XII
Core Course - Project work, Field study, Study Tour, Visit to Research Institutes Group Activity.
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