The Women's Cell strarted functioning in the College with the exclusive aim of enabling the lady students to grow and develop by giving training to them in personality development, career orientation, home management etc.
The objectives of the Women's Cell include the overall development of the lady students through:

1. Awareness of their equal rights, privileges and responsibility in building up the society

2. Cultivating in them a deeper interest in the cultural heritage of our country

3. Bringing out the best in them by providing opportunities in the form of discussions, seminars, symposia, exposure programmes, leadership camps and workshops, taking up projects in related issues, study tours etc. 

4. Above all, developing leadership qualities in them. Membership for the Women's Cell is opened to all girl students of the college. 


Dr. Sarita Ramachandran - Dept. of Zoology and Aqua-culture
Ms. T Sharika - Dept of Chemistry
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