With their enrolment in the college, the students have to abide by the rules and regulations of the college framed in accordance with the norms set by the Government, the University and the Authorities of the college.




Students are expected to observe these rules strictly

                1) to convene or attend meetings of any kind in the college campus.

                      2) to make use of megaphones and loud speakers in the campus.

                      3) to collect subscription of any kind

                      4) to stick notices anywhere on the college campus.

                      5) to invite persons who are not approved of by the Principal and the Heads of Departments.

Anti-Ragging Cell

  1. Sri. George Mathew P. (Principal) 04829-243249
  2.  Sri. Joseph Augustine 04822-251578
  3.  Sri. Johny P.J. 04829-242022
  4. Sri. Thomas Joseph 04829-212400
  5. Smt. Philominas P.S. 04829-238551
  6. Dr. Mathew Emmanual 04822-231373
  7. Sri. Sunny Jose 04829-236494
  8. Sri. Payas Varghese 04842-745766

The Procedure For Imposition of Punishment

                 1) Imposition of fine.

                      2) Issuance of compulsory transfer certificate.

                      3) Dismissal from the College.

In the event of imposition of fine, dismissal or compulsory issuance of transfer certificate, the Principal shall forward the order along with the report to the University.



Students’ Grievences Redressal  Committee

There is a Students’ Grievances reddressal Committee in the College constituted by the Principal. The Chairman of the said committee shall be the Principal. The committee shall consist of three teachers nominated by the College Council of whom one shall be a lady teacher. The Chairman of the College Union as well as the Secretary shall be the ex-officio members of the said committee. The committee shall meet once in every month and evaluate the steps taken to frame guidelines or general instructions or directions for the maintenance of peaceful atmosphere in the campus.



Right to Appeal

A student against whom the disciplinary orders had been passed; shall have a right to appeal to the Board for Adjudication of students’ Grievances as provided in chapter 27 of Mahatma Gandhi University Statute 1997. The appellate authority shall have the power to set aside, modify or cancel the order, provided the appeal is found to be genuine and filed within the period of 30 days from the date of receipt of the order. The appellate authority shall also have the power to condone the delay in filing the appeal if it is proved to the satisfaction of the appellate authority by the appellant that he was prevented by sufficient cause from preferring the appeal within the time.


Attendance and Leave
The College has set the regulations for attendance in accordance with the rules issued by the University. They are as follows :


Students requiring certificates of Transfer, Character and Conduct, Course, Marks, Identification etc. should submit an application to the Principal, stating the Name, Year of study, Class Number,
Semester and Subject. They are advised to give a notice of 48 hours prior to the issue of certificates.
No T.C. will be issued to those who owe any dues to the college. No fee will be levied from those who apply for T.C. within one year after leaving the college. A fee of Rs. 15/- will be levied from those who apply for T.C. after the lapse of one year from the date of leaving the college. An additional fee of Rs. 30/- will be levied from those who apply for duplicate copy of T.C. Duplicate copy will be issued only on production of the certificate issued by a Judicial First Class Magistrate stating the irrecoverable loss of the original T.C. Every student should take his/her T.C. at the end of the course and the same when admitted to the next course.
Certificates like ‘Course and Conduct’ certificate and Transfer Certificate will be issued only after books borrowed from the library are duly returned and equipment in the concerned laboratories are kept in good condition. A certificate of good character is a testimonial a student should earn. This will be issued only after the concerned authority testifies his/her character.
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