Value Education

Value education replaces the traditional , moral instruction classes. Value education aims at making the students aware of the values they should cherish and helps them to live upto those values. We have worked out a system for conducting value education classes for the student body.

Study Skills

During the first week of the academic session, an extensive programme on study skills and personality development is given to the students. This is a five day programme. Follow-up action of this is done through periodical seminars, workshops etc.

Retreat For Staff And Students

A three- day renewal programme for all the staff of the college is regularly arranged. A two-day life orientation and spiritual renewal programme for all the students usually in different groups, is conducted every year.

Career Centre Aand Talent Clubs

A career centre cum library is functioning in the College from 1996 September onwards. It has a number of books, periodicals, magazines and journals specializing in employment news and information relating to career opportunities. The career centre provides the necessary inputs for the students. A few staff members sit in the career library at intervals and free times and before and after class hours giving guidance and consultancy to the students. Student volunteers also are actively involved in the running of the centre. This is the most frequently visited section of the college by the inquisitive students and staff. A number of talent clubs are working under the overall supervision of the career centre. The students are advised to join any or as many of them according to their taste and workwith the respective coordinators and develop their talents. AIACHE is the major source of support for the activities.

Catholic Students Movement (CSM)

Catholic Students Movement is an organization for developing creative leadership among the students. All the catholic students of the college are the members of the CSM and all the catholic members of the staff are its honorary members.

  1. The Principal is the ex- officio Patron of CSM. There shall be a Director nominated by the Principal from among the Catholic members of the staff. There shall be a Unit President, Vice- President, Secretary, Joint Secretary and a Treasurer selected by the students. These members will be the managing committee of CSM.
  2. The Unit president shall, with the guidance of the Director, arrange camps, seminars, lectures and other programmes on religious and social issues of special interest, to the students. The Secretary in association with the President, shall see to the proper conduct of the affairs of the organization and prepare the minutes of the meeting and present the Annual Report.

Women’s Forum

The women’s forum started functioning in the college with the exclusive aim of enabling the lady students to grow and develop by giving training to them in personality development, career orientation, home management, etc. It is an operational wing in the college of the All India Association for Christian Higher Education, (AIACHE), New Delhi.

The objectives of the women’s forum include the overall development of the personality of the lady students in the college through:

  1. Awareness of their equal rights and privileges and responsibility in building up the society.
  2. Cultivating in them a deeper interest in the cultural heritage of our country.
  3. Bringing out the best in them by providing opportunities in the form of discussions, seminars, symposia, exposure programmes, leadership camps and workshops, taking up projects in related issues, study tours etc.
  4. Above all, developing leadership qualities in them. Membership for the women’s forum is open to all students in the college. Those of them who are interested in pursuing the above objectives may enroll themselves as members. The forum functions under the overall guidance of the Principal under a Director and a team of advisors. The principal appoints the Staff co-ordinator and the team members.

Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A.)

There is a very active Parent Teacher Association in the college. The executive committee has taken upon themselves the responsibility of providing amenities to the students in the college and to assist the college administration for the proper running of the college. Every parent or guardian becomes a member of the Association when their wards are admitted in the college. The officebearers are elected annually in the general body meeting.

Remedial Coaching

The remedial coaching aims at improving the academic skills and linguistic proficiency of students in various disciplines to cut short the percentage of failure and rate of dropouts. Sri. Ravisankar P.C., Dept. of English, Smt. Anie V.T., Dept. of Mathematics, Sri. Tomy Joseph, Dept. of Physics, Dr. K.J. Abraham, Dept. of Zoology, Dr.Gimson D. Parambil, Dept. of Commerce serve as Co-ordinators.

Music Club

The music club inspires and encourages the gifted students to delve deep into this genre. It enlivens the spirit of music in students. Staff Co-ordinators of the club are Dr. Hareendran C.P., Dr. Rajumon T.Mavunkal, Sri. Bibu V.N. and Ms. Parvathy Chandran.

English Language Enhancement Programme

This programme is designed to develop the communicative skills of the students and also to enrich their vocabulary. Staff Co.ordinators of the programme are Sri. Ravisankar and Smt. Merine John.

Grievence Redressal Cell

Growth and development entail mistakes and corrections. Forgiving and forgetting are essential for peaceful life in society. Redressall cell is functioning in the college to settle grievances of students. It has a three tier system as follows.

Any matter of dispute, complaint, act of indiscipline. etc. are submitted first to the class teacher of the student concerned. If justice is denied there, he/she shall approach Tier II and finally Tier III. The decision of the Principal shall be final. In the case of Internal Assessment marks Tier I Head of Department concerned Tier II Principal with Dept. Head concerned Tier III Vice Chancellor

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