Academic Programmes Offered By The College 
(Three Year Degree Programme - Choice Based Credit and Semester System )
Common Courses 
1. English 
2. Second Language - Malayalam or Hindi 
3. Optional Subjects 
1. B.Sc Physics (Core) Mathematics & Chemistry
(Complementary Subjects)
2. B.Sc.Zoology (Vocational)
Core Subject - Zoology
Vocational Subject - Aquaculture
Complementary Subject - Botany
3. B.Sc. Chemistry (Vocational)
Core Subject - Chemistry
Vocational Subject - Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Complementary Subject - Mathematics
4. B.A.Economics (Core) Political Science and Historical Roots of the Modern World. (Complementary Subjects).
5. B.A.Politics (Vocational)
Core Subject - Politics
Vocational Subject - Mass Communication and Journalism
Complementary Subject - Public Relations and Advertising Travel and Tourism Management.
6. B.Com (Model 1) Optional - Co-Operation
Students can choose any one of following open courses in their V Semester.
1. Dept.of Physics - Energy and Environmental Studies
2. Dept.of Chemistry - Food Science
3. Dept.of Zoology - Management of Ornamental fish breeding, Rabit farming, poultry, Quail farming. Vermi Culture, Bee keeping and Sericulture.
4. Dept.of Economics - Fundamentals of Economics
5. Dept. of Politics - Human Rights in India
6. Dept. of Commerce - Fundamentals of Accounting
7. Dept.of Physical Education - Physical Health and Life skill Education. 
1. English Model I (B.A.Economics and B.Sc. Physics)
I. Semester   - Course I   -  Communication Skills in English
       Course II  -  Reading Literature in English
II. Semester  - Course III -  Critical Thinking. Academic writing and Presentation skills.
       Course IV  -  Musings on Vital issues
III. Semester - Course V   -  Reflections on Indian Polity. Secularism and Sustainable Environment.
IV. Semester  - Course VI  -  Evolution of the Philosophy of Science.
Model II (B.Sc. zoology, B.Sc.Chemistry and B.A.Politics).
I Semester   - Course I    - Communication Skills in English
II Semester  - Course II   - Critical Thinking. Academic writing and Presentation skills.
III Semester - Course III  - Reflections on Indian Polity, Secularism and Sustainable Environment,
IV Semester  - Course IV   - Evolution of the Philosophy of Science.
Model I (B.Com)
I Semester   - Course I    - Communication Skills in English
II Semester  - Course II   - Critical Thinking. Academic Writing and Presentation Skills.
III Semester - Course III  - Perspectives in literature
IV Semester  - Course IV   - Reflections on vital issues.
Model I B.Sc. Physics, B.A. Economics
I Semester   - Course I   - Katha, Novel
II Semester  - Course II   - Kavitha
III Semester - Course III  - Arangum, Porulum
IV Semester  - Course IV   - Gadhaym, Rachana Parichayam
Model II (B.A. Politics)
I Semester  - Course I -  Katha, Kavitha, Naadakam
II Semester - Course II -  Gadhyavum Rachanayum, Novel
Model II (B.Sc. Zoology B.Sc Chemistry)
I Semester  - Course I  - Katha, Kavitha
II Semester - Course II - Gadhyavum Rachanayum
Model I ( Physics Economics)
I Semester   - Course I  - Prose & one Act Play
II Semester  - Course II  - Translation, Communication skills and Applied grammar
III Semester - Course III - Prose & fiction
IV Semester  - Course IV  - Culture and civilization of India
B.Com Model I
I Semester  - Course I - Prose and Applied Hindi
II Semester - Course II - Poetry, Communicative Hindi and Translation
B.Sc.Zoology, B.Sc, Chemistry (Model I)
I Semester  - Course I - Poetry & Communicative Hindi
II Semester - Course II - Prose and Shirt Stories
1. B.Sc Zoology Programme (vocational)
Semester I
1. Core Course I – General Methodology and Perspective in Science. 
2. Core Course I – Practical General Methodology and Instrumentation 
3. Vocational Course I – Principles and Methods in Aquaculture 
4. Vocational Course II – Hatchery and culture Techniques. 
5. Vocational Course Practical I – Principles & Methods in aquaculture, Hatchery and culture Techniques. 
6. Complementary Course I – Plant diversity & Plant Pathology 
7. Complementary Course Practical I plant diversity & Plant pathology. 
Semester II
1. Core II – Bio diversity and Modern Systematics.
2. Core II Practical Bio diversity and Modern Systematics
3. Vocational Course III – Capture Fishery
4. Vocational Course IV- Biology of Fishes
5. Vocational Course Practical II Biology of Fishes & Capture Fishery
6. Complementary Course II – Angiosperm Taxonomy and Economic Botany
7. Complementary Course II – Practical Angiosperm Taxonomy and Economic Botany.
Semester III
Core III - Animal Diversity Non Chordata
Core III Practical - Animal Diversity Non Chordata 
Voc. Course B - Fisheries Environment
Practical III - Fisheries Environment
Voc. Course VI - Fish Nutrition
Practical IV - Fish Nutrition 
Comp. Course III - Plant Physiology
Practical III - plant Physiology
Semester IV
Core IV - Animal Diversity Chordata
Practical - Animal Diversity Chordata
Voc. VII - Reproductive physiology and Endocrinology
Voc V - Reproductive physiology and Endocrinology
Voc VIII - Microbiology, Pathology and post Harvest Technology
Practical VI - Microbiology, Pathology and post Harvest Technology
Comp. Course IV - Angiosperm Anatomy and Applied Botany
Practical IV
Semester V
Core V - Cell Biology and Molecular Biology
Core VI - Environmental Biology, Toxicology and Disaster Management.
Core VII - Evolution, Zoogeography and Ethology
Core VIII - Biochemistry, Human Physiology and Endocrinology 
Core Course Practicals (Core V, VI, VII & VIII) 
Semester VI Core Course IX - Reproductive & Developmental Biology
Core Course X - Genetics & Biotechnology
Core Course XI - Microbiology & Immunology
Core Corse XII - General Informatics, Bio Infomatics and Biostatistics.
Core Course Choice Based
Applied Entomology, Management of Ornamental Fish Breeding. Vermiculture and Beekeeping.
Core Course Practicals – Core IX, X, XI & XII
Core Course - Project work, Field study, Study Tour, Visit to Research Institutes Group Activity.
2. B.Sc Physics Programme
Semester I
Core 1 - Methodology in physics and practical
Complementary I - Mathematics
Complementary I - Chemistry
Semester II
Core II - Mechanics and properties of Matter and Practical
Complementary II - Mathematics
Complementary II - Chemistry
Semester III
Core III - Electricity and Electro dynamics
Complementary III - Mathematics
Complementary III - Chemistry 
Semester V
Core V - Classical and Quantum Mechanics
Core VI - Physical Optics and Photonics
Core VII - Thermal and Statistical Physics
Core VIII - Digital and Statistical Physics 
- Open Course 
Semester VI
Core IX - Computational Physics
Core X - Nuclear and Particle Physics
Core XI - Condensed Matter Physics
Core XII - Relativity and Spectroscopy 
3. B.Sc Chemistry Programme
Semester I
Core I - Methodology of Chemistry as a Discipline of Science.
Vocational I - Industrial Aspects of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry
Complementary I - Mathematics
Semester II
Core II - Theoretical and Inorganic Chemistry 
Vocational II - Industrial Aspects of Physical Chemistry
Complementary II - Mathematics
Semester III
Core III - Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry
Voc III - Unit operations in Chemical industry
Voc IV - Unit Process in Organic Chemistry
Complementary III - Mathematics
Semester IV
Core IV - Basic Organic Chemistry
Voc. V - Industrial Methods of Chemical Analysis 1
Voc VI - Industrial Methods of Chemical Analysis 2
Complementary IV - Mathematics
Semester V
Core V - Chemistry of d and f block elements
Core VI - Basic Organic Chemistry II
Core VII - States of Matter
Core VIII - Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy
- Open Course
Semester VI
Core IX - Applied Inorganic Chemistry
Core X - Chemistry of natural products and biomolecules
Core XI - Equilibrium and Kinetics
Core XII - Solution Chemistry
Core XIII - (Pharmaceutical Chemsitry)
Choice based course
4. B.A. Economics Programme
Semester I
Core I - Methodology of Social Science with special reference to Economics.
Complementary - Roots of the Modern world.
Semester II
Core II - Development and Environmental Economics
Complementary II - Roots of the Modern World.
Semester III
Core III - Principles of Micro Economics
Core IV - Modern Banking
Complementary - Introduction to Political Science.
Semester IV
Core V - Micro Economic Analysis
Core VI - Public Economics
Complementary - Governmental Machinery and processes
Semester V
Core VII - Quantitative Techniques for Economic Analysis
Core VIII - Principles of Macro Economics
Core IX - Indian Economy
Core X - Economics of Financial Markets
- Open Course
Semester VI
Core XI - Quantitative Economics
Core XII - Macro Economic Analysis
Core XIII - Development issues of the Indian Economy
Core XIV - Choice Based Course – Marketing Management
Core XV - International Economics Project
5. B.A Politics Programme (Vocational Model II)
Semester I
Core 1 - Methodology and perspectives of Social Science
Course I Voc - Introduction to Mass Communication.
Complementary I Voc - Foundation of Public Relations
Semester II
Core II - Introduction to Indian Political System
Course II (Voc) - History and Development of Journalism
Complementary II (Voc) - Advertising Theory and Practice
Semester III
Core III - Issues in Indian Political System
Core IV - Political Theory
Voc. Course III - News Reporting and Writing
Complementary III - Foundations of Travel and Tourism Management
Semester IV
Core V - Introduction to Comparative Politics
Core VI - Political Thought
Voc. Course IV - News Editing
Complementary IV - Emerging Trends in Travel and Tourism Management
Semester V
Core VII - Comparative Political Systems
Core VIII - Elements of International Politics
Voc. Course V - Media and Society
Voc.Course VI - Media and Polity
- Open Course
Semester VI
Core IX - Introduction to Public Administration
Core X - Theories and Principles of Public Administration
Core XI - Choice based course – Gandhian ideas and Applicable Techniques.
Voc. Course VII - Media Management
Voc. Course VIII - Introduction to information Technology on the job training project.
6. B.Com. Programme Model I
Semester I
Core I - Business Statistics 
Core II - Modern Banking
Core III - Business Regulatory Frame Work.
Common Coe I - Perspectives and Methodology of Business Studies
Semester II
Core IV - Quantitative techniques for Business Research
Core V - Principles of Insurance
Core VI - Corporative Regulations and Governance
Common Core II - Business Communication and Management Information System
Semester III
Core VII - Marketing Management
Core VII - Financial Accounting
Core IX - Business Management
Common Core III - E-Commerce and General Informatics
Core (Optional) I - Co-operation
Semester IV
Core X - Capital Market
Core XI - Corporate Accounting
Core XII - Financial Services
Common Core IV - Entrepreneurship Development and Project Management
Core (Optional) I - Co-operation II
Semester V
Core XIII - Cost Accounting
Complementary Course I - Advertising & Sales Promotion
Core XIV - Special Accounting
Core (Optional) III - Co-operative Legal System 
- Open Course 
Semester VI
Core XV - Applied cost Accounting
Complementary Course II - Principles of Business Decisions
Core XVI - Practical Auditing
Core XVII - Accounting for Managerial Decisions
Core (optional) 4 - Co- operative Accounting
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